When my husband was alive he would tell me the meaning of the song and words. Your wonderful voice will be with us forever.Your music shall live on in the hearts and minds of millons forever. This world will be a little less beautiful without you, but Heaven will be even more beautiful and wonderful with you in it. The world has truley lost a great man.I loved his rendition of "Panis Angelicus".I fell in love with your voice in 1991...thank you, Luciano, for all these years of your glorious voice and "high C's"...My deepest sympathy to Luciano Pavarotti's family. You will be sorely missed Maestro. We thank you from the bottom of our heart, and pray you will continue sharing your wonderous gift in the new life you now have.Such Beauty now graces Heaven a voice that now sings with the Angels.Heaven has a very-very good Tenor Section from now on.Heaven is alive with the most beautiful music. What a concert there will be today!I'm not Italian,I write this note to say only a very few words I new the meaning of , I just enjoyed his beautiful voice. You, Pavarotti, have captured by soul by your spirit in song. May your wonderful voice lives on!God rest his soul and his beautiful voice....Pavarotti had the finest voice and he was an extraordinary man...he lived his life and whatever he did he was true and loving...Mahalo nui kakou for sharing your generosity and great voice..Aloha.May you rest in peace,we will miss your voice.Your legacy will live forever.you gave us tears when you sang and now you give us tears with your passing. Now, no matter what, I remember that concert like it was yesterday...and how I had planned to go to DC last June to go to his farwell concert...and how sad I was that I hadnt loved his music my whole life. Luciano Pavarotti was a wonderful opera singer who could also sing other kinds of music. He could express emotions like no other. The earth is a little bit less beautiful. Il dio benedice.I am a Black woman in a small town in Kentucky. I thank Him for the chance to hear His amazing instrument in person, in recording, and in my memory. Nel 1994 spuntarono nuove indiscrezioni circa una sua relazione di Luciano Pavarotti con una … Il grande tenore Luciano Pavarotti, scomparso nel 2007, era padre di tre figlie: Lorenza, Cristina e Giuliana. May you sing with the angels forever.Truly the greatest tenor of all time. Luciano's voice will live on for ever in each one of us. MY WISH WAS TO MEET PAVAROTTI ONE DAY...BUT...NOW,I KNOW THAT I'LL SEE HIM ALWAYS IN MY HEART AND MY SOUL WITH HIS AMAZING VOICE, AND YES---I'LL MEET HIM IN THE HEAVEM.Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.YOU ARE THE GREATEST,MY FATHER ENJOYED YOU FOR ALL THE YEARS HE WAS ALIVE NOW HE CAN HEAR YOU IN PRESON.REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND,Luciano Pavarotti, Cynthia Lawrence, Leone Magiera, Pangkor Lout, Malaysia, 2002,you were my mentor because of your beautiful voice i want to be an opera singer you are my inspiration thank you for that. Your voice, as well as your personality and zest for life and humanity are truly an inspiration that everyone in the world should adopt. God did indeed "kiss your vocal chords", and you repaid Him by developing and sharing your gift. I know we will hear him in heaven singing like the angel he is. I'll miss you Luciano.Pavarotti had an incredible impact on the world of music. I feel such sadness that you are gone.may god send you back to us.margaret klier florence oregon.Magical evening at leeds castle seeing and hearing luciano will never ever forget that golden glorious voice. We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Maestro, Luciano Pavarotti. G. Pesce.We will miss you so very much. You will be greatly missed.We can only imagine the voices of Pavorati, John McCormac and Caruso singing together with choirs of Angels.Maestro, You took my breath away so many times with your Angelic voice.There will never be another Luciano Pavarotti and I will forever have you in my thoughts and prayers.YOUR VOICE WAS INCREDIBLE & IT WAS AN INSPIRATION TO ALL WHO HEARD YOU SING.

I am so proud to be Italian also. Era un uomo buono, molto legato alla famiglia e per questo gli italiani lo ricordano con tanto affetto. Although your appearances will be missed your your music will alway live in our hearts and souls.

Nel 1993 cominciarono le indiscrezioni (specie sui media americani) circa una possibile relazione extraconiugale del maestro, che però smentì tutto asserendo che il rapporto con la giovane modella italiana Lucia Debrilli si limitasse ad una semplice amicizia.

Pavarotti si sposò nel 1961 con Adua Veroni, sua fidanzata da 8 anni e conosciuta all’età di 17 anni. Marcello, Wilma, Michele and Gerardandre Giordani,To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our,PAVAROTTI had the most recognized VOICE worldwide, so powerful and clear it was a blessing to have witnessed him on stage. He will be missed but the recordings of his performances will be enjoyed forever.I had the pleasure of growing up listening to your music and it will be my pleasure to introduce the future generations of my family to the most wonderful tenor this world has ever known. https://dilei.it/vip/lorenza-cristina-giuliana-figlie-maggiori-pavarotti/708087

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